Berry Blissful Bracelets

Fall Bracelet Design Inspiration Featuring the Graceful 4mm Round Swarovski Crystals and Pearls

Pairing the maroon undertones found in the Swarovski Burgundy Crystals and Pearls, with the deep royal purple shades captured within the Elderberry Pearls, creates a complimentary multilayered look of natural elements united with the elegance of shimmering crystals.


 Create Your Own Beautiful Bracelets Using These Swarovski Crystal Beads and Pearls

Swarovski Crystal 5000-4mm Round Burgundy Beads

Swarovski Crystal 5810-4mm Round Burgundy Pearls

Swarovski Crystal 5810-6mm Round Elderberry Pearls

 Burgundy’s rich and complex hues signify elegance and sophistication. Burgundy symbolizes strength, vitality and high ambition. When you create jewelry and/or wear this shade, it helps to invoke these qualities within you and express them to the world.

Incorporating quintessential Autumn colors like Topaz into this pairing is another beautiful way to express your love for these complex tones.


 Swarovski's 5000-4mm Topaz Beads Creates a Beautiful Blend of Falls Favorite Colors and is November's Birthstone


Different Swarovski Styles Featuring Burgundy

Swarovski Crystal 5601 Burgundy Cube Beads


Swarovski Crystal 5328 Burgundy Bicone Beads




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