Crystal and Pearl Color Inspirations Featuring Swarovski Crystal Iridescent Light Turquoise Pearl

The Crystal Iridescent Light Turquoise Pearl is a captivating color that evokes a sense of tranquility and sophistication. It combines the ethereal charm of iridescence with the soft, soothing hues of light turquoise and the lustrous sheen of pearls.


Imagine a delicate shade reminiscent of the shimmering surface of a calm sea under the gentle sunlight, creating an atmosphere of serenity and elegance.



This color can be incorporated into various artistic and design endeavors, from interior décor to fashion and beyond, to add a touch of refinement and grace.



The Crystal Iridescent Light Turquoise Pearl pairs beautifully with lighter & deeper shades of this stunning color. 

swarovski-crystal-5328-bicone-beads-light-azore-4-80322.jpgSwarovski Crystal Light Azore is a soft and translucent blue color that incorporates the softest qualities of the Caribbean blue waters with the shine of a clear crystal.



Swarovski Crystal Light Turquoise is a gentle and soothing color that falls within the spectrum of cyan or blue-green hues. It is a softer, more pastel version of the standard turquoise, and it exudes a sense of tranquility and calmness. Light Turquoise is often associated with the serenity of tropical waters and can create a refreshing and relaxing atmosphere when used in interior design, fashion, or any creative endeavor.

5328-swarovski-beads-blue-zircon-21786.jpgBlue Zircon is one of the traditional birthstones for the month of December. In terms of color, Blue Zircon can be reminiscent of the clear blue waters of the tropics, evoking a sense of calm and tranquility. It is a popular choice for those looking to add a vibrant pop of color to their jewelry collection or ensemble. 


Blue Zircon with Gold trimmed Rhinestone Rondell's are highly prized for their intense and fiery brilliance. 


Blue Zircon Satin Satin is a lovely effect that adds a soft silvery shimmer to half of the Blue Zircon bead, which slightly darkens the crystal to a medium grey sparkle, creating a subtle vintage appearance that is very popular in the fall and winter months or for a deeper color palette.


Pacific Opal Shimmer 2x is a complex, medium bluish-green color, resembling the dynamic tones of the Caribbean ocean, permeated with a milky opaque, opalescent quality accentuated by an elegant Shimmering effect casting off an array of vibrant sparkling colors.