Crystal Headpin Hook Design


The design and instructions were created by Andrés and Alicia ~


This photo and instructions illustrate how to make a crystal headpin hook on pendants from 10mm to 18mm in size.

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1) "Take the heart (not someone's heart, just the crystal), hold it vertically and insert the free end of the pin in the hole all the way.

2) With your fingers gently bend the pin upwards in a little more than 90 degrees angle. Be careful to not force the crystal.

3) With your round pliers, make a loop in an inverted "U" above the body of the heart, so the pin is now in contact with the front of the heart, and pointing downwards, at one side of the stone and very close to it. 

4) With your fingers bend the pin tightly around the head (3mm stone) and make the pin point upwards again. The stone is captured in the loop.

5) With your round pliers bend the pin again accompanying the shape of the first loop. The end of the pin will point downwards.

6) If the loops were short, the end of the pin will now surpass the top of the heart at its back. Cut off any excess. If the loops were long, the end of the pin will not reach the body of the heart. In any case, bend the end of the pin a little more inwards so as to not leave any sharp edge.

The loops must be as regular as possible, centering just above the top of the heart. If those loops have a center behind the heart, when you hang it on a chain, the heart will look a little downwards. It must look to the front.

The end of the pin which is "on the air" will not be visible. Any small asymmetry can be corrected with fingers or pliers."