Crystals Around the World - July



The canvas upon which this continent's epic story is written is not only beautiful but astonishing. Whether heading out at dawn on a safari game drive following millions of wildebeest on their Great Migration or soaring high in a hot-air balloon to embrace the Serengeti, Africa creates the wildlife encounter of a lifetime. Wherever you find yourself on this big, beautiful continent, you will be touched by the wild lands, rich traditions, artisan craftsmanship and natural beauty – all of which these pieces pay tribute too.

Jewelry Design Inspirations from Africa

Learn How to Make this Swarovski Crystal Necklace and Earring Design with Instructions

diy-crystal-necklace-african-innspired.jpgSwarovski Crystal Supplies For Necklace

Swarovski Crystal 5328-4mm Bicone Beads Tangerine 36 pieces

Swarovski Crystal 5328-4mm Bicone Beads Light Siam 36 pieces

Swarovski Crystal 5328-4mm Bicone Beads Fern Green 108 pieces


Learn How to Make this African Inspired Earring Design with Instructions


Swarovski Crystal Supplies For Earrings

Swarovski Crystal Pendants 6868-24mm Light Siam 2 pieces

Swarovski Crystal 6734-14mm Leaf Pendant Fern Green 4 pieces

Swarovski 5328-6mm Crystal Bicone Beads Tangerine 8 pieces