DIY Swarovski Crystal Paradise Shine Earrings Free Design and Instructions

Create these fun and colorful Swarovski Crystal dangle earrings! Featuring the popular Crystal Paradise Shine coating and the elegant Smokey Mauve color, a vibrant design mixed with an artistic mood. Experience a harmonic clash of summer feeling meeting winter time with a touch of joyful iridescence.



Swarovski Crystals

Article Product Group Article No. Amount Size Color Color Code
Swarovski Crystal Pendants 6010 2pcs. 13x6.5mm Smoky Mauve 265
Swarovski Crystal Pendants 6106 2pcs. 16mm Crystal Paradise Shine 001 PARSH
Swarovski Crystal Pendants 6128 6pcs. 8mm Crystal Paradise Shine 001 PARSH

2x Ear wires, silver
14x Jump rings, silver, 4mm
2x Jump rings, silver, 5mm
Flat nose pliers




STEP 1: Insert a Swarovski Pendant art. 6106 16mm Crystal Paradise Shine onto a 5mm jump ring and attach three 4mm jump rings to the 5mm jump ring.

STEP 2: Attach Swarovski Pendant art. 6010 13x6.5mm Smoky Mauve into the first 4mm jump ring from the previous step with a 4mm jump ring. On the second 4mm jump ring attach two Swarovski Pendant art. 6128 8mm Crystal Paradise Shine using a 4mm jump ring. Attach a 4mm jump ring into the Swarovski Pendant art. 6128 8mm Crystal Paradise Shine.

STEP 3: Connect the ear wire and the 4mm jump ring connected to the Swarovski Pendant onto the last 4mm jump ring from the chain of 4mm jump rings. Repeat steps 1–3 one more time to make the second earring.