Mother's Day Earring Design Inspiration and Instructions


 Share your love this Mother's Day by creating these elegant Rose Gold earrings featuring the new Swarovski Crystal Baroque Beads.

A classic beauty inspired by the graceful warmth of a Mother's love.

                                    "A Mother's Grace is Golden"



SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS used in this DIY Mother's Day Design Project


Swarovski Crystal 5058-14mm Baroque Beads in Crystal Rose Gold 2X ~ 2 pieces

Swarovski Crystal 5328-4mm Xilion Bicone Beads in Crystal Golden Shadow ~ 2 pieces

Swarovski Crystal 5840-3mm Crystal Headpins Gold Light Colorado Topaz ~ 2 pieces


Components and Tools used in this DIY Mother's Day Design Inspiration 

Gold plated earring hooks ~ 2 pieces

Gold plated jump rings ~ 2 pieces

Gold plated filigree finding

Needle nose pliers


Instructions on making these DIY Mother's Day earrings

1. Place the gold plated filigree finding through the Swarovski Crystal 5840-3mm Crystal (Light Colorado Topaz) Headpin with the larger open end facing up. This will create a nice base  structure to display the Swarovski Crystal Baroque Bead. 

2. Thread the 5058 Baroque Bead on the headpin. 

3. Thread the 5328 Swarovski Crystal Bicone Bead on the headpin. 

4. Using your needle nose pliers, loop the access top portion of the headpin over and secure tight.

5. Loop the jump ring through the headpin loop you just created and close tightly.

6. Open the earring hook up (from the ball of the earring hook) and place the earring onto it and close shut.

7. Repeat these steps for to make the second earring.


Hope you have fun making this simple, and elegant earring design. Happy Mother's Day to all of you wonderful, caring Mothers out there and wishing you an extra special love-filled day!

Here's one of my most cherished pictures of my Mom and I. Her selfless, unconditional love is the foundation of my life. Love You Mom!