New Spring Beads Colors and Bracelet Design Inspirations

The New Swarovski Colors are a beautiful way to express your Love for sparkle!

In celebration of Spring, I made a couple of Swarovski Crystal bracelets for my Mom's Birthday. She absolutely loves them and I hope you're inspired by the color combinations. Spring is an exciting time to begin wearing and designing with more color! Green hues are especially popular during Spring, as our innate love for nature is blossoming!

DIY Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Inspiration


Featuring 5000-6mm Round Beads in Pacific Opal Shimmer and 5328-4mm Bicone Beads in Erinite Shimmer

Swarovski Crystal 5000-6mm Round Beads in Pacific Opal Shimmer


Swarovski Crystal 5328-4mm Bicone Beads in Erinite Shimmer


Complimentary Colors for Pacific Opal Shimmer

Swarovski Crystal Pacific Opal Shimmer 2X


Swarovski Turquoise AB 2X Beads


Swarovski Light Turquoise Beads


Swarovski Light Azore AB Beads


 Complimentary Colors for Erinite Shimmer

Crystal Paradise Shine Beads


Emerald Champagne Beads