Buy Swarovski 5328 6mm Bicone Beads Light Amethyst Dorado (36 pieces)

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The Swarovski 5301 6mm Bicone Beads Light Amethyst Dorado from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS is the finest quality precision-cut crystal beads in the world. Light Amethyst is the June birthstone color and is a light pastel purple that is a perfect transitional color that blends beautifully with both the pink and purple tones. The Light Amethyst Dorado coating is a solid bronze effect that is applied to half of the bead that allows for a two toned quality. Swarovski Crystal Beads express exquisite elegance, perfection and grandeur. Stylish and sophisticated, SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS highlight an impeccable legacy of distinction and innovation. With assorted styles, infused with rich colors and lavish coatings, Swarovski Crystal is essential in creating captivating jewelry designs of exceptional radiance and quality.