Psychology of Colors Ruby



Keywords: Excitement / Love / Passion / Power

December is the most EXCITING time of year which is exactly what the Ruby represents.

It is the time of year where love fills the air and the passion for tradition and family resonates within everyone.


Ruby is an emotionally charged color representing strong feelings and a passionate nature. It has the ability to stimulate your senses, energize your confidence, and invoke  tenacious ambition balanced with dignified action.

If you enjoy the color Ruby, you have a delightful zeal and enthusiasm for life, suggesting that you are not afraid to pursue your goals and dreams.

Ruby lovers tend to be hard workers, taking pleasure in physical labor and working with their hands. Wear this hue if you want to take action by invigorating courage, strength, assertiveness and power.


If you're naturally ambitious, a trail blazer and find exploration irresistible, then you are also most likely drawn to Ruby red colors. If you're wanting to incorporate more of any or all of these qualities, wearing Ruby and red tones will help to inspire you in this direction.

December – Ruby Necklace Designed Entitled "Baroque Beauty" 

Free Swarovski Crystal Necklace Design Inspiration and Instructions


 Swarovski crystals

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4—29x35mm Bangalore Link Natural Brass - Vintaj® C2H107

2—21x15mm Tiled Metalwork Link Natural Brass - Vintaj® C2H111

6”—3.5x4.2mm Cable Chain Natural Brass - Vintaj® CH30-040

31—1” Eye Pins Natural Brass - Vintaj® EP1

8—1 ½” Eye Pins Natural Brass - Vintaj® EP15

1—Lobster Clasp Natural Brass

8—5mm jump rings Natural Brass


Step 1: Using one 1” eye pin slide on one 6mm 5328 bicone bead and make a simple loop. Repeat 30 more times and set aside.

Step 2: Using one 1 ½” eye pin slide on one 5058 10mm bead and make a simple loop. Repeat 3 more times and set aside.

Step 3: Using one 1 ½” eye pin slide on one 5058 14mm bead and make a simple loop. Repeat 3 more times and set aside.

Step 4: To create the outer strand of the necklace begin with linking together three bicone links made in Step 1, then link on one 14mm baroque bead link, two bicone links, one 14mm baroque bead link, two bicone links, one Bangalore Link, one bicone link, one 5mm jump ring, one bicone link, one Bangalore Link, two bicone links, one 10mm baroque bead link, two bicone links, one 10mm baroque bead link and three bicone links. Now reverse this pattern to finish the other side of the necklace.

Step 5: Cut the cable chain into one 2” piece and one 4” piece. Using one 5mm jump ring add one 6090 Baroque Pendant to the center link of each chain and set aside.

Step 6: To create the center of the necklace use one bicone link and attach it to the jump ring linking together the two Bangalore Links on the right side of the main necklace strand. Now attach a Tiled Metalwork Link to the other end of that bicone link. Using a 5mm jump ring attach one end of both chain components made in Step 5 and attach to the other end of the Tiled Metalwork Link. Repeat this for the opposite side of the inner necklace strand.

Step 7: To finish the necklace attach a jump ring to one end of the necklace and using another jump ring attach the lobster clasp.

Swarovski & Natural Ruby Info

Complimentary Swarovski Crystal Ruby hues include SiamLight Siam, and Crystal Red Magma.

The Ruby was the first gemstone ever found in East Africa.

The first documented discovery of Ruby was by an English mineralogist who stated that an ostrich found it.