Purple Pairings For Swarovski's Color Iris

The elegant medium purple tones expressed in Swarovski's bead color Iris are simply enchanting. Iris colored crystal beads are a transition tone between the deeper shades of Amethyst and the lighter hues of Light Amethyst. Swarovski's Iris color is a purple with blended red tones, opposed to Tanzanite, Violet, Smokey Mauve, and Purple Velvet which are created with blue tones of purple.


 Light Amethyst Shimmer is a stunning complimentary color to Iris as well, highlighting pastel purple hues accentuated with soft and elegant sparkles.


Swarovski Crystal Iris Bicone Beads           Swarovski Crystal Iris Round Beads  

swarovski-crystal-5328-bicone-beads-iris-on-sale.jpg        swarovski-crystal-beads-iris-and-purple-color.jpg


Swarovski Crystal Light Amethyst Bicone Beads    Swarovski Crystal Light Amethyst Round Beads

swarovski-5328-xilion-bicone-beads-light-amethyst.jpg  5000-light-amethyst-beads.jpg


 Swarovski Crystal Lilac Round Beads       Swarovski Crystal Amethyst Bicone Beads

swarovski-crystal-5000-round-beads-lilac.jpg   5328-bicone-beads-amethyst-swarovski-on-sale.jpg


Swarovski Crystal Light Amethyst AB Bicone Beads  Swarovski Crystal Lilac Shadow Bicone Beads 

swarovski-crystal-5328-light-amethyst-ab-bicone-beads.jpg                  swarovski-crystal-bicone-beads-crystal-lilac-shadow.jpg


Swarovski Crystal Bicone Beads Amathyst AB


Keep Smiling & Keep Shining :-)