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Swarovski Crystal Bangle Free Design and Instructions “METALLIC POWER”



Flat Backs Hotfix 2038 2 pcs. 34SS Crystal Blue Shade HF 
Flat Backs Hotfix 2038 8 pcs. 34SS Jet 
Flat Backs Hotfix 2039 14 pcs. 20SS Jet Hematite Gold-R HF 
Flat Backs Hotfix 2039 10 pcs. 34SS Jet Hematite Gold-R HF 
Flat Backs Hotfix 2204 1 pc. 14 x 11 mm Crystal Blue Shade
Fancy Stones 4224 4 pcs. 10 x 8 mm Jet 
Fancy Stones 4224 4 pcs. 14 x 11 mm Crystal Blue Shade 
Setting 4224 S/00C 4 pcs. 10 x 8 mm Brass
Setting 4224 S/00C 4 pcs. 14 x 11 mm Brass
Setting 4224 S/00C 1 pc. 23 x 18 mm Brass

We can order anything Swarovski makes. Please contact us for anything not listed on the website.

Supplies & Tools

1x Bangle, brass
Leather, black, 10 x 24 cm
Two part adhesive glue

Clothes peg
Double sided tape
Flat nose pliers

STEP 1: Put some double sided tape on to the bangle and affi x the leather piece to it. Trim the leather piece so there
is 5 mm edge off the bangle as shown.

STEP 2: Apply glue to the bangle to secure the leather piece. Use clothes pins to hold the bangle and the leather
together while the glue sets.

STEP 3: Use Swarovski Setting art.4224S/00C 23 x 18 mm and glue Swarovski Flat Backs No Hotfi x art. 2204 14 x 11 mm
Crystal Blue Shade F in it. Use Swarovski Setting art. art.4224S/00C 14 x 11 mm and insert Swarovski Fancy
Stone art.4224 with the help of tweezers. Repeat with the 10 x 8 mm and 23 x 18 mm Swarovski Fancy Stones
& Settings.

STEP 4: Glue all other SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS mentioned in the material list onto the bangle as shown in the






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