SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Dangle Earring Design




Beads 5000 8 pieces    2mm Black Diamond
Beads 5000 28 pieces  3mm Black Diamond 
Beads 5000 44 pieces  3mm Indicolite 
Beads 5000 8 pieces    4mm Black Diamond 
Beads 5000 14 pieces  4mm Indicolite 
Beads 5000 12 pieces  5mm Black Diamond 
Beads 5000 6 pieces    6mm Black Diamond 
Pendants 6100 2 pieces  24x12mm Crystal Bermuda Blue

2x Crimping tube, black, 1mm
2x Crimping tube, black, 1.8mm
2x French ear wire, black
2x Jump ring, black, 4mm
2x Jump ring / wire, black,
6.5mm / 0.6–0.7mm
2x Jump ring, black, 8mm
Tiger tail, gray, 0.3mm, 1m
Crimping pliers
Flat nose pliers

step 1: Cut two 25cm pieces of 0.3mm tiger tail. slide the following swarovski Beads art. 5000 indicolite onto one
piece of the tiger tail: 11x 3mm, 7x 4mm, 11x 3mm. add one 1mm crimping tube to both ends of the wire
and pull tight. Crimp the tube by flattening it with the flat nose pliers.

step 2: open the 8mm jump ring, slide it around the crystal drop made in step 1 and close the jump ring. it should be
between the two tiger tail ends as shown in the illustration.

step 3: slide the following swarovski Bead art. 5000 Black Diamond onto the second 25cm piece of tiger tail:
2x 2mm, 7x 3mm, 2x 4mm, 3x 5mm and 3x 6mm. reverse the pattern starting with the three Beads 5mm
Black Diamond. add a 1.8mm crimping tube to both tiger tail ends. thread the tiger tail ends around the
ear wire, back through the crimping tube and through the last three Beads from the swaroVsKi eleMents
assortment as shown in the illustration.

step 4: thread the tiger tail ends of the blue crystal drop made in step 1 through the 1.8mm crimping tube as shown.
tightly pull the ends of the tiger tail of the gray drop first and then the ends of the blue drop. when the Beads
are pulled tight and the earring is in the shape as shown in the illustration, crimp the crimping tube correctly
with the crimping pliers and cut off the remaining tiger tail ends.

step 5: open the 6.5mm jump ring (you can form one out of a piece of wire and the round nose pliers if you do not
have one). Hang the swarovski Pendant art. 6100 and close the jump ring.

step 6:open the 4mm jump ring, hang it onto the 6.5mm jump ring and close it around the 8mm jump ring as you 

see in the illustration. repeat all steps for a second earring.