Swarovski Skull Bead Necklace Free Design and Instructions

Romance meets rock ‘n’ roll! Demure prettiness shows a subtle hint of wildness in this beautiful necklace, threaded with Swarovski’s fabulous new Skull Bead in soft Crystal Rose Gold.



Article Product Group Article No. Size Amount Color Color Code
Beads 5000 4 mm 2 pieces. Crystal Iridescent Green 001 IRIG
Beads 5000  8 mm 1 piece. Crystal Iridescent Green 001 IRIG
Beads 5750 13 mm 6 piecesCrystal Rose Gold 2x 001 ROGL2
Crystal Pearls 5810 6 mm 2 pieces.Crystal Iridescent Green Pearl 001 930
Crystal Pearls 5810 6 mm 2 piecesCrystal Tahitian-look Pearl 001 297

Supplies & Tools

Chain, antique silver, 43 cm
Chain (fi ne), antique silver, 50 cm
9x Eye pin, antique silver
4x Head pin, antique silver
11x Jump ring, antique silver, 4 mm
2x Jump ring, antique silver, 5 mm
1x Jump ring, antique silver, 7 mm
1x Lobster clasp, antique silver

Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers

Side cutter








Step-by-Step Instructions

STEP 1: Insert Swarovski Crystal Bead art. 5750 13 mm Crystal Rose Gold 2x onto a head pin. Turn a loop at the end.
Repeat this step one more time, but use an eye pin.

STEP 2: Cut three 4 cm, four 4.5 cm and four 5 cm pieces of fi ne chain. Insert them onto a head pin in the following order:
one 5 cm, one 4 cm, & one 4.5 cm, followed by a Swarovski Bead art. 5750 13 mm Crystal Rose Gold 2x. Repeat
this step three more times; once using a head pin, once using an eye pin and once using a headpin but excluding
the 4 cm piece of chain. (Refer to illustration for details.)

STEP 3: Insert a Swarovski Crystal Bead art. 5000 4 mm Crystal Iridescent Green onto an eye pin and turn a loop at the
end. Repeat this step 6 more times with the remaining Beads and Crystal Pearls as shown in the illustrations.

STEP 4: Cut 43 cm long chain and attach Swarovski Beads and Swarovski Crystal Pearls in the order shown in the illustrations
using 4 mm & 5 mm jump rings. Attach a 7 mm jump ring at the end.

STEP 5: Attach a lobster clasp at the other end of the chain using a 5 mm jump ring.

STEP 6: Attach other prepared pieces to the chain using 4 mm jump rings as shown in the illustrations.