Swarovski's New Business Strategy

Yes unfortunately, the Swarovski rumors are true and we’re just as heartbroken as you are. 

Swarovski has decided to undergo major changes to their entire business structure & branding control, resulting in more exclusive distribution of loose crystal components. Unfortunately, this will affect everyone from Authorized Resellers (like ourselves) to designers and manufacturers. A few chosen companies in the U.S. will continue to be able to resell Swarovski to companies who apply for the restricted brand control contract and are accepted. From our understanding, the companies being approved will need to be high end, well known established brands manufacturing finished products and no one reselling loose crystals will be eligible. Signing the brand control contract will restrict these selected brands from using the name “Swarovski” or “Austrian Crystals” in their designs, tagging, marketing, etc.

Sadly, our 40 + year relationship with Swarovski will come to an end, as we have not been one of the chosen few to continue reselling. Our hearts are truly broken. We mourn for our family’s loss, our dear customers’ livelihoods, along with countless other companies around the world who will be devastated by this new business strategy. 

Moving forward, we all still want to create beautiful pieces and we are here to help you shine! We still have a large inventory of Swarovski and we have teamed up with a reputable company who sources from all over the world to help you find what you would like. Inventory will diminish over time, so we do encourage you stock up while you can, as we remove 50-100 items from the website everyday as they become unavailable. We will be offering Preciosa crystals in the near future, as this is the next best competitor who offers many high quality styles & colors to choose from.

Personally I want to send great big Thank You’s with oodles of virtual hugs & smiles to each and every single one of you who has reached out to support us! Your kindness and compassion has touched my heart more deeply that I know how to express! I am humbled and honored to be connected with such upstanding women whose empathy, altruism, and generosity of spirit has genuinely uplifted and encouraged me. Thank You a million times over!!!

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Here I am, attending my first art show with my dearest Mom


Here's my wonderful Dad! Before there was ETSY, we had mall parking lots & city parks for craft shows across the Southwest.


Our delightful coworkers over the years, happy as can be!


Family smiles celebrating my sister's wedding :-)


Thank You ALL For Your Continued Love & Support!

We LOVE You!