Swarovski 2081/2 34ss Cabochon Flatback Crystal Iridescent Dove Grey Pearl Hot Fix (144 pieces)

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This special order item from Austria usually ships in 9-14 days.


  • Swarovski style # 20804 Cabochon Flatback
  • 34ss
  • Iridescent Dove Grey : The Swarovski Crystal Pearl Color Iridescent Dove Grey is an enchanting hue with an exceptionally glamorous luster, radiating a delicate silky shimmer. This alluring Swarovski Pearl color provides designers with a graceful shimmering variation on the classic white pearl. The versatility of the Iridescent Dove Grey Pearl is appreciated from traditional pearl jewelry designs, within wedding jewelry and beaded gowns, to every day wear – all will benefit from combining this lovely hue with either existing iridescent effects or neutral palettes.
  • This special order item from Austria usually ships in 9-14 days.
  • Swarovski® Crystal Flatback Rhinestones are celebrated by fashionistas and designers for countless applications enhancing dance sport, ice skating and theater costumes, cell phones, shoes, accessories and much more. The Swarovski Crystal Flat backs are remarkably versatile, enhancing any surface or material with opulence and sparkle. All Swarovski Flatbacks are made with Advanced Crystal, an innovative, lead-free* formula.