We feel so lucky to do what we do and helping wonderful customers along is what makes our day extra special!

Thank you to everyone who have expressed their gratitude and happiness with our customer service, we sincerely appreciate it and are truly grateful for you!

Although we have 44 years of providing Steller customer service, we just started our testimonial page, so please feel free to send us an email or product review and let us know what you think. Thank you, we really appreciate it!

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♥ Hi, thanks for the video! Love the idea to decorate with ur jewelry and iiiiii love  the moossie, such a cutie! (April 2024)


♥ You are all fabulous. Best service ever and an amazing selection of beads. Thanks so much, C.  (April 2024)

♥ (Us: thank you for your reviews of the products you purchased) Her response: You are very welcome and I love the Swarovski beads I purchased.  I will shop with you again in the future. Thank you, Jeannette (February 2024)

♥ Dear Harmony and Mike, Thank you thank you thank you! I got my crystals today in the mail and I must say they made my day! You can see how excited I was… Those Swarovski crystals have projects that are just waiting for this package, so thank you again! I’m like a kid in the proverbial ’candy store’! ?? Wishing you both love and light, BJ (February 2024)

♥ Hi Harmony, I’m enjoying beading with my last order! I’d like to order more! We’ve been having severely cold weather for the past two weeks, so I haven’t left my home and am beading up a storm. ? Thank you so much for the gifts you sent. ? Sue (February 2024)

♥ I'm so glad I discovered your business. I will be putting the word out about it too. My granddaughter was so impressed that you called me about substituting on my order. Thank you Harmony! Pam (February 2024)

♥ YAY!  I was thrilled to speak with you today.  Thank you for your good service.  I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.  Warm regards, Julie (February 2024)

 Harmony, I don't usually get phone calls from companies I order from. It was a pleasure connecting with you. Thank you so much for the extras in my shipment. WOW! The bigger crystals are gorgeous and I absolutely LOVE the astral & crystal copper rondelles, tanzanite satin squares, silver shades, golden shadows and the amethyst satin. I am working on some other orders at the moment, but I am excited to see what I can do with all these crystal beads. The hotfix flat backs you included will be an interesting project. I'm not too sure how to use the smaller round flatbacks, but I'm sure I can figure something out. Again, thank you so much for the samples and the service you provided. It's been a very nice experience working with you. Sincerely, Brooke (January 2024)

♥ Hello Harmony, Thank you very much ! You have treated me very well. I’m impress! First time for me to your shop! For sure I will come back. I’m in love with Swarsovski! Îm happy to see you have the same passion. Sorry for not choosing the good word since I speak french n Quebec city. Really enjoy your service! Cannot wait to receive your package! Marie-claude (January 2024)

♥ Hi Harmony, Thank you so much for taking the time today to help me locate the right Swarovski beads for my vintage bracelet restoration project. Your great kindness and respect for your customers is evident and that is the foundation of your success. (Deb September 2023)

♥ My goodness, thank you so much for the information.  I will search all of those.  So good to know what they are called.   Appreciate all the help! (Jeanne September 2023)

♥ You and your family seem to be always happy! I love your upbeat positive spirit and wish you the best in your endeavors.  (Chris L. June 2023) 

♥ I so appreciate the personal note with my order. It truly shows that you sincerely care about your customers. You are such a sweet soul. I look forward to doing business with you time and again. (Willie June 2022)

♥ Harmony, I got my crystals today. I love them. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. You always write the nicest messages. Have a great week. Angela (January 2022)

 Hi Harmony and gang!! Thank you for a little extra sparkle!! (not so little!) That was way more than 1 bead replacement, wow!! These are really great!! I have an excuse to string more gold!! And to look at products I am new to!! Thanks again, Harmony, stay safe and STAY SHINING!! Jeannie (August 2021)

 Harmony, Thank you, very much, for your help with my last order. I love all my Swarovski pearls--and have enough to keep me busy for quite a while now!! I am so glad I found your website and could help support your family's business. I appreciate all the personalized customer service you provide.  If I find that I need some more beads, I'll keep you in mind. Keep smiling and keep shining! Most kindly, Patti (July 2021)

♥ Hi Harmony, Thank you so much for your email and message! 5/18 works for me and I appreciate the extra length you have gone to make sure I’m happy. You go beyond my expectations, especially as a first-time customer! Thanks, Heidi (April 2021)

♥ Dear Harmony: Received my order today and am truly delighted.  Thank you for making the substitution for me!  They are gorgeous.  When (hopefully in the near future) I finish the bracelet I'll let you see how they were used.  Can't wait.  I have passed your site name onto my beading group this morning - even before finding my order in my box today!  Great service! (April 2021)

♥ Hi Harmony -Ditto right back to you!!  Thank you so much for getting the replacement rings to me so quickly!  They arrived yesterday!   They are so beautiful & are the perfect size for my earrings!  I got my Christmas earrings made today, and wore them to dinner tonight!  Take care!  Hope you have a very happy holiday season! Sharon (December 2020)

Thank you for the free shipping offer.  I will use the code as you instructed.  You are wonderfully amazing to work with!!!  I have “landed on” some terrific vendors as I hone my small business skills.  Thank you for being one of them!!! Thank you again for all your kindnesses! Take good care, Kathryn (October 2020)

♥ Hi Harmony, Thanks so much for your quick response - the crystals arrived on Sat. and I was able to finish many of the ornaments I had been working on.  You're the greatest!!! Jamie S. (October 2020)

♥ Hello Harmony I hope you're having a wonderful Monday I just wanted to let you know I received my crystals today thank you for the two extra little special bags that was very kind I'm so excited to get them they are exactly what I wanted and they arrived way sooner than I thought they would so I'm very happy about that I did try to do the reviews so I hope I did it correctly anyway I just wanted to say I would give you 100% satisfaction they are exactly what I wanted and thank you again so much! kelly Ann (September 2020)

♥ Hello Harmony, I just wanted to let you know I got my order yesterday, thank you so much, and, wow!! more beautiful shining beads; I can hardly wait to start creating!! Thank you also so much for the heart gifts, they are all so beautiful!! That was so kind of you to send all those, I love the colors and the bright shiny sparkle in the white hearts, just beautiful! Thank you again for the order, I truly can hardly wait to get going on these rosaries!! Sincerely, Mary (September 2020)

♥ Hi Harmony, I received my first order of stones!!! I appreciate your personal note to it! Knowing that I'm helping a family and their small business, brings so  much joy and happiness to me! I really feel like i'm an extended part of the Rainbows of Light Family! You definitely have a customer for life for sure! Thank you so much! -Ashley (August 2020)

♥ Hi Harmony, Just a message to say that it is so good to see Rainbows of Light is up and running amongst all this change. Great job and I hope all is well for you and your family. Stay Healthy, Autumn (August 2020)

♥ Thank you so much for your wonderful phone call.  I wanted to call you back just to listen to your friendly, cheerful voice and thank you for your uplifting call. Thank you again, Harmony, for your call. Sincerely, Susan (July 2020)

♥ Hello Harmony, I just wanted to let you know that my bead order arrived today, that was quick! The pearls are just beautiful and the Antique Pink Love beads sparkle like everything, especially in the sun! I can hardly wait to start making more rosaries ! Thank you also very much for the gift of faceted gold beads, I will definitely have good use for those also with my rosary making. Thank you again! Mary (July 2020)

♥ Thank you so much! I so appreciate your kindness and quick shipping. Its an honor to buy my crystals from you! Warmly, Jaime  (July 2020)

♥ Thank you again! This is impeccable customer service nice to see this is still a thing!! Have a good and stay safe!!!  (June 2020)

♥ Hi my lovelies! Just a quick note to thank you for filming the new rogue pearls for YouTube with the possibilities of different crystals! Stay safe! Much love! (June 2020)

♥ My dear Harmony, Joy, oh joy - my order arrived today!  It has been one of my greatest pleasures during lockdown to track the progress of my beads - held up 2 weeks in San Francisco, another week in Tokyo (!), 2 weeks at Heathrow but they finally arrived in Gloucestershire 2 days ago.  I think they are better traveled than I am - lucky beads!  But an especial THANK YOU for the bonus pendant - I LOVE IT - and will take much pleasure incorporating it into one of my pieces.  I can’t wait to get started.  You are very kind.  Mail deliveries at the moment are erratic here and I suspect the same in the US. Dear girl, thank you again for my order.  I will place another one soon.  It is one of the ’treats’ I give myself during life in the time of Coronavirus.  We all need treats. Take care and much love (May 2020)

♥ I was thrilled to discover your website this week because I use lots of Swarovski crystals for my sun catchers and your prices are much better than Ebay. I am SO excited to see these Shimmer beads. I will definitely be back for more again... (Kelley D May 2020)

♥ Thank you so much!! I'm looking forward to my crystals!! I'm sure I will be sending you more orders. I love you website and your outstanding customer service!! Have a beautiful day (Stephanie May 2020) 

♥ Thank you SO MUCH!!! I am very excited and hopeful that my daughter will be able to have the wedding of her dreams by October. Until then, stay healthy and thank you for being so kind and helpful. Bless you! Joan (May 2020)

♥ Good Morning Harmony, Thank you for the partial shipment of my order. I really love seeing the sparkling crystals when they arrive. Can't wait to create beautiful jewelry with them. One more thing... The personalized message that you sent is appreciated and shows how truly engaged you are with your business and customers! Warmest Regards, Deb (May 2020)

♥ Hello Harmony,  I just wanted you to know that I received my order today. I am VERY pleased with the crystals and the pearls. I was searching on the Internet for the "shimmer" coating and found your website. Thank goodness. I will explore your website to see the other goodies you have. I was on a mission the first time to complete a couple of projects. LOL.  You have a new customer! Thank you, Shirley (May 2020)

♥  Dear Harmony, I am very pleased with your service and appreciate the action taken for the light rose bicones and most of all your personal approach. Kind regards, Isabel (May 2020)

♥  Hi Harmony! I want to thank you for the great service and fast shipping. I'm telling my beading friends about your website. Sending picture of earrings that I will be making. As soon as I find out the color I used I will be ordering more. Have a wonderful evening! (Jackie May 2020)

♥ Dear Harmony, I just wanted to let you know that I got my order today, (I know the 6 mm jonquil beads will arrive later,) that was fast and the beads are beautiful !! They are all going to make beautiful rosaries, especially the crystal Swarovski beads for a wedding rosary, I can hardly wait to get started!  Thank you also for the beautiful Swarovski heart cross gift, I love it! Sincerely, Mary (April 2020)

♥ Thank you, Harmony. You’re awesome and it’s a pleasure to buy from you! (Jaime April 2020)

♥ I received my order today and I just want to Thank You for the beautiful gift. You have been a pleasure to do business with. Best wishes and stay well. Nancy (April 2020)

♥ Hello there, I just received the items here in Jamaica. Thanks so much for your star gift. Looking forward to continued business with your company. Regards, Tracey-Ann (April 2020)

♥ Harmony! A beautiful purple crystal showed up in my last order....I am beyond words! It is so beautiful! Thank you so much! I couldn't believe you remembered it after nearly 5 years....it is just stunning! Thank you so much!  (Dana  March 2020)

♥ Harmony, Thank you so much it arrived today!!! And thank you for your generous gift. It’s stunning. Looking forward to future business. Stay well. My best~ Holly (March 2020)

♥ I just wanted to say thank you again and that this is the best customer service I have ever had!! I am a fashion design major and love using bead embroidery and crystals in my projects and will definitely be sharing this experience with my department chair, professors, and classmates!! I look forward to continue shopping through you in the future!! Thank you, Daisy (February 2020)

♥ I loved everything I ordered, my package arrived ahead of it's expected arrival.  The contents were packaged with little trays and tightly wrapped; other items were very nicely organized and labeled.  Your company offers those hard to find shapes and sizes that are a must to have and use when beading beautiful crystal creations.  Thank you for your wonderful and easy to navigate website too.  Teresa (February 2020)

♥ So excited to have found you guys! Just got my first shipment and I’m over the moon for the quality and price. Thank you, Tammie (February 2020)

♥ If I could say five stars for all the products, without having to re-enter the same info 15 times, I would.  It’s a pretty cumbersome process.  Take me word, you folks are the best.  Joyce (February 2020)

♥ Hello Harmony! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for taking the time to write out your message to me, explaining about your shipping fees. I totally understand! I love the little Heart Pendant Crystals that I ordered, and I'm looking forward to ordering more as my creative needs increase. Thank you, Cynthia (February 2020)

♥ Just received my order and I love the perfect little gems! I am really happy i found you and your company. Your (Harmony's) great service makes me feel really good about taking a chance on a new company! I will order from Rainbows again, and tell my friends about you! Thanks again, especially to Harmony!! Jean (February 2020)

♥ Harmony - YOU are a Rainbow of Light, my dear!  Hope you're having a good holiday season....you're certainly sending around a ton of holiday cheer! Thank you very much! And thank you for your recommendation on an adhesive.  I've used Super Glue on these, and was not terribly pleased with the result. S. (January 2020)

♥ Harmony, Just received my latest order. Prompt, as always! I just wanted to take a moment to say 'thanks' for the star pendant gift! I have some smaller crystals in that color which I'm sure I can add to create something wonderful. I may even keep it for myself as I love the color and haven't made me anything new in a while! Thank you (December 2019)again. Blessings, Anna

♥ I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful crystals, and especially for the warm and personal note that accompanied my order. That is customer service at its very best. I will certainly be ordering from you again. Have a Beautiful Christmas Season, and a Very Happy New Year. Thank You, Cecilia (December 2019)

♥ WOW!  A personal note on my invoice. One doesn’t get that EVER!  I will pass your company info on to my crafty friends. Thank you. Jocelyn (December 2019)

♥ Thank you again, Harmony - I love your site and wish I was independently wealthy so I could just buy oodles and oodles of sparklies! You always have exactly what I need, at very reasonable prices! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! K.

♥ Happy Thanksgiving!!  May your holidays be filled with joy! You bring so much joy to others!  Love, Kristi (November 2019)

 Omg Harmony You Rock & I Love You!  Thank You so much.  Yes of course shipping whenever is perfect! Linda (October 2019)

 Hi!  Thank you so much for calling.  I don't check my e-mail everyday because it's usually junk mail (the usual, right).  I'll take a refund for the out of stock items and the snowflake on back order.  Again, I am so impressed with your company and customer service.  I'm a forever customer :-)  Amanda (march 2019)

 Hi, I just wanted to give you some feedback. I usually order from another company, but what I love more about you is you don’t have a minimum order amount. When I’m searching for colors to go with my crafts I’m happy to find things from you that I can buy in smaller quantities without having to commit to a possible color that doesn’t work. You may not have the same options available, but what you do have is working for me. And your prices are just about the same. Thanks much for the kind handwritten note on my last invoice. Bill (February 2019)

 It’s such a pleasure doing business with such a good person. Thank you so much for finding these for me. Linda F. (February 2019)

 Actually I haven't used your site often but I do like it. I really like the clarity of your pictures, the prices and your services. Cheers! (February 2019)

 I wanna thank you Harmony I got my beads and I love them. I also appreciated the hand written note. I will be ordering from you again soon.  Ms Ivy (February 2019)

 First, let me tell you that I was thrilled with how quickly my crystals arrived! It was like Christmas around here. I loved the personal touch as well. Also, are the prices I paid with my first order, the normal prices you charge? If they are, you earned my business with my first purchase. Prices are great and let me pass that on to my customers. Thank you for your time. Have a wonderful day! Thank you! Michele H (January 2019)

 Hi Harmony. I received the rest of my order yesterday. My crystals are glorious and they pick up the light and sparkle beautifully. Thank you for all of your help. I'm sure I will be needing more in the future and I will certainly go to you to place my orders. Mary B. (January 2019)

 Dearest Harmony, How lucky I am to have you in my life! I give thanks to your bright light, filled with love and joy. May your Thanksgiving shine as much as you do, chock full of family, joy, memories, yummy food – love that shot of Kashi lickin’ his lips!!! And always, tons of belly laughs! Much love, Judith (November 2018)

 Harmony & Mike, thank you HAPPY THANKSGIVING as always, thank you for your help with my orders i really like your tutorials  great ideas ~ Arlene (November 2018)

♥  Thank you for your beautiful Thanksgiving card, I was away and just got back and read it!  Likewise, it is a pleasure doing business with you guys, and knowing you are a great resource for beads! I am truly grateful for that! Best, Laila (November 2018)

♥ I loved the long tanzanite you sent!  It was perfect.  I can’t wait to make a chain to go with it. ~ Marcie (November 2018)

♥ The beads arrived, on time, they’re perfect, Thank you! ~ H. Water  Art Department Team Leader (November 2018)

♥ Snow flakes arrived today, actually 2 days earlier than we thought! They are actually beautiful and will be perfect for surprise Christmas tree ornaments for my mom sister and wife and daughter.. They are actually beautiful! This has been by far the best online purchase I have ever made. Thank you for making it perfect!  Geoff  (November 2018)

♥ Hi Harmony! You called a couple of times about my previous order, and I’m sorry I missed you. You guys seem like such a really friendly company :)  I'm very glad I found Rainbows of Light!  (September 2018)

♥ I want to thank you for the phone call, I told my husband about it and we both felt that your customer service is terrific.  Thank You. thanks again, and will be back once again, you make shopping so pleasant, wish all shops were like yours.  Neva (September 2018)

♥ Harmony, Wow!  Thank you so very very much. What a lovely gift.  I'm excited to share your website info with some of my craft/ jewlery groups.  It's not always common these days to have such a positive interaction when working with suppliers. I know many will be excited to see such a large inventory,  with awesome deals and to find out they can even speak to a real person.. and such a pleasant one at that!  Thank you again! Robin (July 2018)

♥ Hi Harmony. I picked up my package yesterday and want to say thanks so much for your wonderful gifts. Also the crystals turned out better than the pictures they are so pretty and I can't wait to start adding them to my jewelries.  Thanks again, Keyna (June 2018)

♥ Thank you so much for the call, I regret I couldn't get to it in time, but I'm glad I could reply via email. Your customer service is amazing and I'll be sure to recommend you to my friends! ^_^ Thank you again!  Sincerely, Diana P (February 2018)

♥ Happy Thanksgiving Harmony! I hope you and your family have a wonderful day. Thank you for all the beautiful crystals, great service and positive energy!  - Andrea (November 2017)

♥ Hello!  Just wanted to say thank you for the personalized service.... The phone call informing me of a backorder, an email with the tracking #, then a handwritten note thanking me for the order. Talk about going above and beyond! I'm sure whatever I create will be stunning with these beautiful breads!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Lynn  (November 2017) 

♥ Hi Harmony,this is Joann S. I just received the Emerald Cut crystals I ordered. They are very pretty. Thank you again for your help, it was so nice to talk to someone so pleasant. (October 2017)

♥ Dear Harmony, Thank you for such a quick response to my questions. You are now known by me as "The Crystal Whisperer." Don't worry, I will not abuse your talent or your generosity!  Warm Regards, Leslie G. (July 2017)

♥ Hello, I received the package! Just wanted to thank you for everything and your great customer service. Thanks, Brandy P. (May 2017)

♥ Dear Harmony, I received my beads today (Indian Pink and Light Amethyst 5mm bi-cones), and I just wanted you to know that they are absolutely beautiful. The photos on the site do them no justice at all. I cannot wait to see my finished products. I will be using them to make rosaries with sterling silver. Thank you so much for your service, and I look forward to purchasing more beautiful beads from you in the future. Many blessings, Trisha H. (March 2017)

♥ Hi Harmony and Michael, I write you to wish the best Christmas for you and your husband. Thanks a lot for your kind attention in your business. It s a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for your gift!!!! I have received  it yesterday. Kisses ~ S.P. (December 2016)

♥ Hi Mike, Harmony, & Kashi, Happy Holidays to all of you.  May your 2017 be more wonderful than expected. ~ Lisa (December 2016)

♥ Merry Christmas Harmony!  Love those photos!  Wishing you and your family a very happy, healthy, and successful 2017! Regards, Rhonda (December 2016)

♥ Harmony, thank you for all you do.  Hope you, your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year. ****Kashi told me to tell you that she wants lots of  treats and some  new toys!!!

♥ Harmony, I wanted to thank you again for your help on this year’s ornaments.  AND a big thank you for the ‘shout out’ in an earlier Rainbows of Light email!  AND finally, for the beautiful gift pendant you sent with my order.  I will make something for myself with that! I’ve attached pics of this year’s version. I pray for you a beautifully blessed Christmas season. Blessings, Anna (December 2016)

♥ Thanks Harmony! Your kindness and efforts are greatly appreciated. My wife will be surprised when these items arrive. Many thanks! Best Regards, Tom (September 2016)

♥ Thank you so much, it has been a delight! ~ Debbie (September 2016)

♥ Hello Harmony, The beautiful red pearls arrived safely.  Can't wait to design something(s) with them. Thank you for all your good service and beads. ~ Lisa (September 2016)

♥ Harmony, I am thrilled to have found you.  Your customer service is outstanding and your beads are BEAUTIFUL!  I have been shouting your praises all over El Dorado County, and you will hear from me again.  Thank you for being so kind, patient, and helpful!  ~ Karen (July 2016)

♥ Yay !!! Thanks so much !!! Already putting together my next list !!! Happy Summer !!! ❤️❤️❤️ ~ Carol (June 2016)