Videos of Swarovski Shimmer Beads

Swarovski's Shimmer coating is a new Swarovski Crystal Effect that was inspired by the famous and extremely popular Aurora Borealis (AB) coating. The difference between the two Effects is that the AB coating refracts intense yellow, pink, and blue sparkles and can sometimes overpower the original color underneath. The Shimmer coating is an elegant vibrancy with some of the similar colors refracting, but allows the underneath color to shine through even more. The Shimmer Effect has special light-refracting assets that radiate multiple shades of a single color, for eye-catching dramatic expressions of color and shine.

Swarovski Crystal 6106-22mm Pearshape Pendants Light Amethyst Shimmer


Swarovski Crystal 5328 Bicone Beads Light Amethyst Shimmer

Swarovski Crystal Light Sapphire Shimmer 

 Swarovski Crystal Shimmer 2X

Swarovski Aquamarine Shimmer 2X

 Swarovski Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer 2X