Barbie Inspired Bracelets

We're Hopping On the Barbie Bandwagon!


We're All Smiles & Rainbows over the overwhelming delight in Barbie!

People of all ages are getting all dolled up to see the Barbie Movie & I thought, what a fun & memorable idea :-)  

"People are dressing up as a form of self expression & their ensembles are bursting with life, every shade of the character's signature color, as well as sparkles, pretty patterns and ruffly skirts or tops". (Andrew Liptak)

"It's a form of play, and it's a form of entertainment, and I think that… we sort of overlook the importance of play and to have fun and to relax and just enjoy ourselves," Liptak says. "And this is an outlet to do that." Dressing up for such a movie also is a way of connecting with others — "It's fun to be in the camaraderie of like-minded people." 


I haven't seen the movie yet, but getting prepped ( & jazzed!) by making a few Barbie inspired crystal & pearl bracelets. Just thought, why not for the fun of it?!? It turned out to be more fun then I thought, by reminiscing long, long ago of playing with my one Barbie & Ken (No dream house, just the back yard ;-)

Below are are a few stackable bracelet ideas. Have fun exploring your Barbie creativity!

I started with the Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-8mm in Iridescent Dreamy Rose. I felt like the light pink with iridescent shine, was perfectly Barbie :-)


Then next crystal bracelet I made was the dainty pink one on the right. I used the 4mm Preciosa Crystal Round Beads in Light Rose. Their Light Rose resembles the Swarovski's Rosaline color, a very baby pink. It has a soft, sweetness about its dainty beauty, which I really love. It goes with so many colors & I love to wear it just by itself or along with my watch. It pairs delightfully with the Crystal Iridescent Dreamy Rose Pearls. It also blends gracefully with the bolder pinks such as Rose & Fuchsia. 

I added the Swarovski Crystal 5714-8mm Star Bead in Clear for a little FUN! I think it's charming & it makes me smile :-)



The Crystal bracelet on the left is made from a wire I cut, then strung the beads on & held in place by a crimp beads. The beads are the Swarovski Crystal 5020-4mm Helix Bead in Crystal Golden Shadow (Light Rose or Crystal AB would look beautiful as well). 5328-4mm Crystal Bicones & a 5714-8mm Star Bead for a dash of whimsy! An extra gold star charm dangles & compliments the fun nature of this design :-)

Note: I'm highlighting my error, for someone you may learn from it :-) The top crimp bead was crimped in line with the wire bracelet, so it looks almost seamless, which to me looks nicer. Try and do it this way :-) The below crimp is going in the opposite direction - woops! If I put a bead cap on both, that would be a nice finishing touch & none would be the wiser. 


The far left bracelet is designed using the brilliant Swarovski Crystal 5328-4mm Light Rose Shimmer 2X Beads accentuated with a Swarovski Crystal 5754-12mm Light Rose Butterfly Bead. It's another fanciful style that adds a spirit of playfulness!