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A Useful & Sparkling DIY Customized Gift Inspiration!

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When dreams come true, it's fun to celebrate with sparkles & smiles!

Recently my friend graduated culinary school and she now has the wonderful opportunity to take her skills to the gorgeous wonders of Spain! She'll be living there for a few months, training under a 5 star chef. With incredible hard work and determination, her dreams are really and truly, coming to fruition. I couldn't be happier for her!


She threw a fabulous tapas themed fiesta to celebrate and I wanted to give her something fun, special and sparkly (of course) to commemorate her BIG accomplishment! Here's what I made her....


A customized sparkling apron featuring Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Flatbacks!

I found a colorful apron from World Market. I just swoon over everything in that darn store, so I had to go in with a mission and not stray, because if I did, I would have been tempted to take home one of everything. Mission successfully completed!

I imagine aprons can take a beating with all that is going on in the kitchen and I wanted to be sure the Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks would stay secure and last a very long time. In order to do this, I glued each crystal using E6000 glue.


I used the Swarovski Crystal 2088-12ss (~3mm) Clear Crystal Flatbacks


I also used my handy-dandy Flatback Rhinestone tool, the Crystal Katana! This helps to pick up the stones, place them exactly where I want them and secure them in place. I couldn't do this project with out it! That's GOLD Jerry... GOLD! (haha...if you're a long-time Seinfeld fan like myself, you'll appreciate that reference ;-)

How to glue crystals to clothing instructions 1

I arranged the Swarovski Crystals in little flower formations, with different quantities in each floret, randomly on the belt of the apron. I wanted to compliment the flower pattern on the apron, as well as accentuating hints of sparkle.


It's simple and sweet, and complimented her style beautifully!

Thankfully, she Loved it! She put it on and wore it around, showing all her friends, which warmed my heart & was very sweet of her!

If you're thinking of a little gift for someone in your life, keep in mind that it doesn't need to be much, but it's always much more appreciated when you add a personal touch. When you put a little extra time and effort into making something handmade from your heart, it demonstrates how much you care, which is touching in and of itself.

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Harmony and Kashi

Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!


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