Hey Chicago Whaddya Say, Cubs Are Going To Win Today! Go Cubs Go!

Posted by Harmony Reilly on 4th Nov 2016


What an exciting World Series baseball game between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians! WOW! I've never seen a more fun, nail-biter of a game! Thankfully our beloved Cubbies FINALLY after 108 years, became champions once again!

Although I'm from Arizona, my hubby Mike has been a die-hard Cubbies fan for his whole life. 

So if my Hubby's a Cubbie, I'm a Cubbie :-)

His dreams came true when his brother, who lives in Chicago, called him up last week and said, I have tickets to the World Series games 4 & 5, do you wanna go? Well...it took 0.2 seconds for him to say YES!!!

I was so excited for him! He was going to be staying at his brother & sister-in-law's house and I thought, how fun would it be to bling out some little Cubs shirts for his 18 month old niece! I quickly got to work and here's what I made...P.S. I love them so much!


I printed out the Cubs logo and cut out the area that I wanted to add my Swarovski Crystals. 



I used the Swarovski 2078-30ss Crystal Hot Fix Flat Back stones on this one, which was a perfect size for making two rows of crystals for the big C.


After placing the crystals in the C, I started heating up my iron. I used a pieces of thin parchment-like paper and softly laid it on top of the stones. Then I pressed the iron down on the C. I pressed hard and held it there for several minutes. I kept doing this process for several more minutes. I checked the stones one by one, to make sure they were secure and if I found a loose one, I used the Bejeweler Pro Hot Fix Tool to secure it in place.


So CUTE! I love how the clear crystals match the clear crystal buttons on this little sweater.

I didn't stop there....my next one was an iconic picture with much more detail. Drum roll please....


Well... Holy Cow, it's Harry Caray!

What a fun guy he was and it was fun to pay tribute to him and his iconic over-sized glasses! I used the 2078-12ss Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks for the details of his eyes, smile chin and hair and the rest I used the 2078-30ss Swarovski Crystal Hot Fix Flatback Rhinestones. These are the sizes that I liked best, but Swarovski offers a large variety of sizes,colors and styles for all of your crystal projects. Plus, you can't beat our wholesale prices on all your favorite Swarovski Crystals!


I'm not done yet! Third times a charm, right?! We needed all the luck we could get! I had one more pink T-shirt I wanted to bling out, so I went with a classic Cubs logo for the last one and I made an extra girly, extra sparkly one!


Go Cubs Go!

I used the same C cut out as the first one, but this time I used the Swarovski 2078-30ss Crystal AB Hot Fix Flat Back Rhinestones for the extra brilliance. It shines pinks, blues and yellow sparkles! I used the 2078-16ss Swarovski Crystal AB Hot Fix Flat Back Rhinestones for the UBS.

I had so much fun making these sparkling Swarovski Crystal shirts for our sweet little niece, everyone loved how they turned out and I'm sure she will be wearing one of them for the victory parade today!


Yay Cubbies!



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Harmony and Kashi

Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!