Buy Swarovski Crystal Cube Bracelet Kit ~ Featuring Light Amethyst Satin

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  • This Lovely Swarovski Crystal Bracelet Design & Kit Features the 5601-6mm Cube Beads in Light Amethyst Satin, accentuated by a 5920-6mm Gold Amethyst Squaredelle.
  • Items in the Kit:
  • 4 pieces Swarovski crystal 5601-6mm Cube Beads in Light Amethyst Satin
  • 1 piece Swarovski crystal 5920-6mm Squaredelle bead in Gold Amethyst
  • 1 headpin gold toned
  • 1 lobster claw & connector
  • 2 small jump rings gold toned
  • 1 7 inch chain gold toned  (nickel free)
  • Thread 2 pieces of the Light Amethyst Satin cube beads onto the headpin. 
  • Thread the 5920-6mm Squaredelle bead in Gold Amethyst onto the headpin.
  • Thread 2 pieces of the Light Amethyst Satin cube beads onto the headpin. 
  • Curl the open end into a small loop, but before closing the loop, string one end of the chain through the loop and close tight. 
  • Push all of the beads towards that newly closed end and cut the other end of the headpin, leaving enough room to curl a loop. Don't close the loop yet, string the other end of the chain on it first, then close tight. 
  • Lay the bracelet flat and measure where the center point of the chain comes to.
  • Measure the ideal length you want for your wrist and bracelet size. Cut the chain in the center to the length preferred (taking into account the clasp will add a little length).
  • Attach the lobster claw clasp to one side of the cut chain using the jump and attach the clasps connector ring to the other end of the chain. 
  • Love & admire your beautiful new handmade bracelet made with Swarovski crystals! 
  • Same day shipping if in stock and ordered before 2 PM MST.
  • The Light Amethyst Satin Swarovski crystal boasts a delicate, soft purple hue, embodying the gentle charm of light amethyst gemstones. This pastel lavender color is both calming and elegant, making it a versatile choice for various designs. The satin finish gives the crystal a subtle, silky sheen, adding a touch of sophistication and a unique texture. Its clarity and precision cut allow it to reflect light in a gentle, understated way, resulting in a refined sparkle. Ideal for jewelry and decorative items, the Light Amethyst Satin crystal adds a hint of romance and grace, perfect for creating a sophisticated and timeless look.
  • Swarovski® Crystal Beads are the perfect choice to use when creating elegant jewelry. They are the highest quality man-made crystals in the world and have been for over a century, expressing exquisite elegance, perfection and grandeur. Stylish and sophisticated, Swarovski Crystals are essential in creating captivating jewelry designs of exceptional radiance and quality. All Swarovski Beads are made with Advanced Crystal, an innovative, lead-free* formula.