Buy Swarovski Crystal Earring Kit ~ Elegant Earrings made with 8mm Pave Balls in Gold Crystal

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  • This Lovely Swarovski Crystal Earring Design & Kit Features Gold Crystal Pave Balls as the showstopper! Simple, easy & quick design to make!
  • Simply thread the Crystal Pave Ball onto the headpin & make a loop at the top, but before closing the loop, thread the chain through & close. Then thread the other end of the chain onto the ear wire & you're done! Enjoy your new gorgeous earrings!
  • Total length = 2.5 inches
  • Same day shipping if in stock and ordered before 2 PM MST.
  • Clear Swarovski crystal beads are renowned for their pristine, transparent quality and exceptional brilliance. These beads have no color tint, allowing them to reflect light with remarkable clarity and sparkle. The precision cutting of Swarovski crystals ensures that each facet captures and refracts light beautifully, creating a dazzling effect that enhances any design. The versatility of clear crystal beads makes them a timeless and elegant choice, suitable for a wide range of jewelry and decorative projects. Their purity and clarity add a touch of sophistication and elegance, making them a staple in any collection for creating classic, chic, and luminous pieces.
  • Swarovski® Crystal Beads are the perfect choice to use when creating elegant jewelry. They are the highest quality man-made crystals in the world and have been for over a century, expressing exquisite elegance, perfection and grandeur. Stylish and sophisticated, Swarovski Crystals are essential in creating captivating jewelry designs of exceptional radiance and quality. All Swarovski Beads are made with Advanced Crystal, an innovative, lead-free* formula.