Crystal Color & Pearl Inspiration Featuring Golden Topaz

The Swarovski Crystal bead featuring Golden Topaz is a delightfully warm color adding a golden touch to the line of topaz tones! It is similar in intensity to Light Colorado Topaz, but not as much brown and more of a golden honey tone comes through. It is richer in tone than Crystal Golden Shadow with more of a honey hue, but could blend well with that as well as Crystal Metallic Sunshine, Light Colorado Topaz, Smoked Amber, and the solid gold of Aurum 2X. It's a soft, golden amber tone that is simply gorgeous!


 Swarovski Pearls compliment the crystal beads beautifully! The Gold Pearls blend well with Aurum 2X & Golden Topaz. The Light Gold Pearls are a nice lighter type of compliment to the Aurum 2X, Golden Topaz & Crystal Golden Shadow. Vintage Gold Pearls have a matte or powder type of finish, so it's a a little muted and blends will will all the gold & brown tones. Bright Gold Pearls are actually richer & deeper in a topaz type of tone compared to the Gold or Light Gold Pearls. Bronze Pearls are a medium brown tone blending well with all of the natural earthy tones.