DIY Swarovski Crystal Necklace Free Design and Instructions

Swarovski “COLLIER BOUQUETTE OF CRYSTALS” Necklace ~ Create this stunning jewelry design featuring a frost pattern transformed into a spectacular design piece. This intricate crystal necklace is a gorgeous statement piece that radiates the magic of sparkle, with a collage of softness, stillness and pure perfection. 




Swarovski crystals

Article Product Group Article No. Amount Size Color Color Code
Swarovski Beads 5051 38pcs. 10x8mm Amethyst 204
Swarovski Beads 5051 43pcs. 10x8mm Crystal Paradise Shine 001 PARSH
Swarovski Pendants 6106 3pcs. 16mm Crystal Paradise Shine 001 PARSH
Swarovski Pendants 6106 4pcs. 16mm Smoky Mauve 265

Supplies & Tools

Chain, 44cm
81x Eye pins
2x Jump rings, 4mm
47x Jump rings, 5mm
1x Jump ring, 6mm
Lobster clasp
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Side cutter






STEP 1: Insert Swarovski Bead art. 5051 10x8mm Amethyst onto an eye pin and turn a loop at the end. Repeat this step with all other Swarovski 5051 beads in the material list.

STEP 2: Insert a 5mm jump ring onto the Swarovski Pendant art. 6106 16mm Crystal Paradise Shine. Repeat this step with the other Swarovski Pendants in the material list.

STEP 3: Connect six Swarovski 5051 beads using a 5mm jump ring.

STEP 4: Connect all the Swarovski Beads and Pendants to each other as shown in the illustration with this step.

STEP 5: Cut two 22cm long chains and insert them through two 5mm jump rings one at each end. Attach the chain ends to each other with two 4mm jump rings. Attach a lobster clasp at one end and a 6mm jump ring at the other as shown in the illustration.