Buy Swarovski 5601 8mm Cube Beads Light Rose Satin (6 pieces)

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  • Swarovski 5601 8mm Cube Beads
  • size equivalency: 8mm : (25mm=1 inch)
  • The Light Rose Satin Swarovski crystal features a soft, romantic pink hue, reminiscent of delicate rose petals. This gentle pastel color exudes a sense of elegance and femininity, making it a popular choice for refined and graceful designs. The satin finish provides a subtle, velvety sheen, enhancing the crystal’s surface with a sophisticated texture and muted luster. Satin is a lovely effect that adds a soft silvery shimmer which slightly darkens the crystal to a medium grey sparkle, creating a subtle vintage appearance that is very popular in the fall and winter months .Its clarity and precise cut ensure it reflects light beautifully, offering a gentle and understated sparkle. Ideal for jewelry and decorative pieces, the Light Rose Satin crystal adds a touch of romance and timeless beauty to any creation. 
  • Same day shipping if in stock and ordered before 2 PM MST.
  • Swarovski® Crystal Beads are the perfect choice to use when creating elegant jewelry. They are the highest quality man-made crystals in the world and have been for over a century, expressing exquisite elegance, perfection and grandeur. Stylish and sophisticated, Swarovski Crystals are essential in creating captivating jewelry designs of exceptional radiance and quality. All Swarovski Beads are made with Advanced Crystal, an innovative, lead-free* formula.