Preciosa® 30ss (~6mm) MAXIMA Flatback Crystal AB Hot Fix (72 pieces)

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  • Preciosa® Crystal Flatback
  • 30ss (~5mm)
  • The AB coating, which stands for Aurora Borealis, adds a highly iridescent effect over half of the crystal that increases the brilliance and shine with shimmering tints of yellow, pink and blue sparkle. The Hot Fix is a glue that has been pre-applied to the back so that when a heating tool such as a Bejewler Hot Fix tool is applied on top of the stone with different sized tips for the different sized Flatbacks tips & it heats the glue beneath adhering to the surface it is on. The surface needs to be somewhat breathable, such as cotton. It will not stay on hard surfaces such as plastic, wood or non-breathable surfaces. 
  • Same day shipping if in stock and ordered before 2 PM MST.
  • Preciosa® Crystal Flatbacks are a brilliant choice to use when creating elegant creations, for their high quality & low price point. For decades Preciosa® has been a leading international glass manufacturer in the art of glassmaking, that continues to create new bead styles with beautiful, ever-expanding color selections. Stylish and sophisticated, Preciosa® Crystals bring a classy element to any design. 
  • Preciosa® Crystals are made in the Czech Republic using machine-cut technology to enhance the brilliance and shine of every angle. The iridescent effect casts rainbows of sparkles galore!