Preciosa® Crystal Heart Pendants 14mm Light Pink (6 pieces)

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  •  Preciosa®  Light Pink Heart Pendant
  • size equivalency: 14mm : (25mm=1 inch)
  • A light pink color is a delicate and gentle shade that resembles the softness and subtlety of rose petals. It is a pale and muted version of the classic rose color, often incorporating elements of pink with a touch of warmth. This color can evoke feelings of romance, tenderness, and sweetness. Imagine the hue of a pale pink rose in full bloom, where the color is soft, elegant, and carries a hint of warmth. Light rose is often associated with femininity, grace, and a sense of tranquility.
  • Preciosa® Crystal Pendants are a brilliant choice to use when creating elegant jewelry, for their high quality & low price point. For decades Preciosa® has been a leading international glass manufacturer in the art of glassmaking, that continues to create new bead styles with beautiful, ever-expanding color selections. Stylish and sophisticated, Preciosa® Crystals bring a classy element to any design.