Psychology of Colors


The psychological power of color should never be ignored. Colors evoke emotion, influence our thoughts, and even moderate our stress levels. Experts believe that the way a color affects us correlates with how that color behaves in nature – think about the carefree outdoor mood that we associate with the color blue, for instance; in evolutionary terms, it says clear, storm-free skies, which brings to mind stability and calm.

The colors we are drawn to reflect our personalities, telling the world about the kind of person we are, what we want to communicate, and even revealing a glimpse of our anxieties. So, it’s important to choose colors wisely. Swarovski has always been fascinated by the psychology of color, and applies its color-coding expertise to each and every new color palette. 

Take a look at some of the hues in the current assortment, and find out how to identify the shades that complement the person that you are.



Explore the Spotlight Color for May - Light Topaz


Explore the Spotlight Color for June - Tangerine


Explore the Spotlight Color for July - Aquamarine


Explore the Spotlight Color for August - Rose Water Opal


Explore the Spotlight Color for September - Peridot


Explore the Spotlight Color for October - Sapphire


Explore the Spotlight Color for November - Emerald


Explore the Spotlight Color for December - Ruby


Each month we will dive deeper into one highlighted color, illuminating its psychological power!