Sharing Your Sparkles & Smiles :-)


Spread Love by Sharing Sparkles & Smiles!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with a very sweet & creative woman here in Colorado! It sure made me SMILE & I wanted to share the lovely experience with all of you lovelies, in hopes it makes you smile too :-) 

Michelle from Butterflies & Banjos contacted me to see if she could use our home for her new jewelry photo shoot. This was an exciting idea & after I told her that I too make jewelry & sell jewelry components, we were both smiling :-)  :-)

I went to town cleaning the house making extra sure the windows & Swarovski Crystal Suncatchers were pristine & sparkly! As you can imagine, I have MANY suncatchers all around, even in places that don't receive sun - ha ha - but they still make me smile :-) Their beauty is inspiring & timeless & it reminds me that I MADE them! It reminds me of the FEELING I get when I'm being creative...which is an Amazing feeling! One that is tricky to describe but it almost feels like I'm the champagne being poured into a glass...all Joyful & BUBBLY! I have an effervescent bounce in my step & a lightness in my heart that I wish every single person could feel! 

I would LOVE to know how other people would describe that feeling you have when you're being creative! Please let me know if you want, I'm sure it would make both of us Smile :-) 

Side note, the extraordinary aspect of JOY is that its inherent nature is one that wants to be shared! Think about when you are joyful for anything, maybe you hear a good joke, you see an uplifting animal video, or make a new piece of jewelry. What is among your first thoughts? For me it's oh I need to share this with so-and-so, he/she would love this too! Think about how much joy we receive when sharing joyful things with others. It's incredible, I'm literally becoming more Joyful by the minute, just thinking about Joy! That's the real ✨ POWER of JOY!! ✨  

Alright now that we have our Joyful juices flowing...Michelle had her two women friends join her, the skilled photographer & the beautiful model. I was smiling the whole day just listening to them chatting about the vision for the photos & also their babies, travels & life. There was just so much sweetness & laughter from them, it was truly marvelous to feel how much fun they were having being creative together!


At the end of the day, Michelle surprised me by gifting me a pair of beautiful and oh-so quintessential Colorado earrings she had made! This was incredibly sweet of her & truly above & beyond because she had already paid for using the space. I was super touched by this & it brought me back to a time growing up at art shows & seeing my parents trading with other vendors. There's just a Truly SPECIAL feeling when people share their creations with one another!

Here are the earrings she gave me...I love them!



I also especially love the packaging, super adorable & you can tell a lot of thought & creativity went into making them. The details sure do matter don't they!? I think as creative people we tend to notice a level of detail that maybe not everyone notices, but when they do, they add that special touch that adds value & is appreciated. 

I felt so inspired by her Generous Spirit that I ran upstairs to choose a Crystal Angel I had made & it felt so wonderful to give it to her! She was admiring all the varied styles & Rainbows shining everywhere....Rainbow Power-Hour! (as my friend has coined :-)  So it was fun to give her something I knew she loved & could share the charming rainbows with her little kiddo's as well! The whole day felt magical because it felt like all of them were bringing out the best of themselves & what a woman or femininity has to offer. Warmth of heart is the way we were all leading & it's beautiful to feel loved & appreciated when collaborating with others & to be able give it in return. It forms a lovely cycle of respect, encouragement, and gratitude which creates a fun-loving environment where everyone can thrive...and laugh a lot :-)

I LOVED being apart of the behind-the-scene photo shoot with  (LOVE the name!)  Butterflies & Banjos with these wonderful women! A heartfelt, fun, creatively productive day with smiles abound :-)  :-)  :-)