Swarovski 1088 39ss Xirius Round Stones Crystal Royal Red Delite (144 pieces)

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This Special order item from Austria usually ship in 9-14 days


  • Swarovski style # 1088 Xirius Round Stones
  • size equivalency: 39ss : (~8mm) : (25mm=1 inch)
  • As fashion color trends renovate from the subdued gender-neutral tones of preceding seasons, a dynamically vibrant candy-colored pallet begins to thrive, celebrating the power of modern femininity. This magnifying influence of color is displayed exquisitely in the Swarovski’s Crystal Royal Red LacquerPRO  Delight Effect, expressing a complex medium red color. Embracing the no-label generation, this Royal Red Effect has influences of Scarlet and Light Ruby colors, mixed with clear crystal amplifying depth and clarity accentuated by brilliant facets radiating exceptional sparkle and beauty.
  • This Special order item from Austria usually ship in 9-14 days.
  • Swarovski Crystal is the finest quality precision-cut crystal in the world. Fashionable and sophisticated styles are infused with rich colors and lavish coatings. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are essential in creating captivating jewelry designs of exceptional radiance and quality.