Swarovski 2078 20ss Xirius Flatback Rose Peach Shimmer Hot Fix (1440 pieces)

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This special order from Austria usually ships in about 4-6 weeks.

This item is currently out of stock. Please email us to check product availability and lead time (~1-2 weeks).


  • Swarovski style # 2078 & 2078 Flatback Hot Fix
  • size equivalency: 20ss : (~4.7mm) : (25mm=1 inch)
  • Swarovski’s newest color addition to the Shimmer line is the exceptionally gorgeous Rose Peach Shimmer. This medium toned color is a fusion of softness and intensity delightfully blending rosy pinks with soft peachy-orange hues, creating a refined elegance of warmth and femininity. The Shimmer effect is a softer coating with less intense yellows and blues than the AB coating, allowing more of the Rose Peach color to shine through creating a subtle and elegant shimmering appearance. The Hot Fix is a glue that has been pre-applied to the back of the Swarovski Crystal Flatbacks, allowing you to heat the stones using a Bejeweler Pro Hot Fix Tool, an iron or heat press to heat the glue allowing it to adhere to the breathable surface underneath.
  • This Special order item from Austria usually ship in 9-14 days.
  • Swarovski Crystal is the finest quality precision-cut crystal in the world. Fashionable and sophisticated styles are infused with rich colors and lavish coatings. SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS are essential in creating captivating jewelry designs of exceptional radiance and quality.