Swarovski Crystal Shimmering Velvet Bracelet Design and Free Instructions


Swarovski crystals Product Group Article No. Amount Size Color Color Code
Beads 5000 1 pc 8mm Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer 246 971
Fancy Stones 4470 4 pcs 10mm Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer 246 971
Crystal Pearls 5810 5 pcs 10mm Crystal Velvet Brown 001 951


4 10mm link settings “Almost Instant Jewelry” by Fire Mountain Gems #H20-3040MT

5” 20 gauge Gold Artistic Wire

1 lobster clasp

5 4mm jump rings

1 2” head pin

Swarovski crystal two-part epoxy glue

Alcohol wipes


Step 1: Using the alcohol wipes clean each of the 10mm link settings. Using the two part epoxy, glue into each of the 10mm link settings the 4470 10mm light Colorado topaz shimmer cushion stones. Set aside to dry.

Step 2: Cut the 20 gauge wire into five 1” pieces. Using one piece of wire make a simple loop, slide on one 5810 10mm velvet brown pearl and make a simple loop. Repeat four more times and set aside.

Step 3: Using one head pin slide on one 5000 10mm light Colorado topaz shimmer bead and wire wrap to close. Set aside.

Step 4: To make bracelet: using one jump ring attach lobster clasp to one pearl component made in Step 2. Then attach to one cushion stone component made in Step 1. Repeat pattern 4 more times ending with a pearl component. Add on 4 jump rings in a chain and then add on the bead component made in Step 3.