Swarovski Fall Color Trends Featuring Mulberry Pink Pearls & Crystal Color Combinations

The newest Swarovski crystal pearl color Mulberry Pink is a muted rosy pink tone whose allure was inspired by the wild outdoors and nature’s bounty. It’s splendid raspberry undertones and gentle rose hues strengthen the value of incorporating organic influences in your jewelry designs. 

Beautiful Crystal Color Pairings with the New Mulberry Pink Pearls


The Mulberry Pink Pearl from Swarovski is a rich berry pink color that looks beautiful paired with lighter or darker toned crystals. 





The Swarovski Crystal Vintage Rose beads are a pale dusty rose type of hue that acts as a beautiful neutral color that is a nice transition between Mulberry Pink and either the deeper or brighter crystals.







The Swarovski Crystal Rose Peach Beads is an exquisite blend of a soft peach to pink tones that evokes cherry blossoms in spring, English roses in late summer and a dreamy hues for fall & winter. It's a gorgeous color to pair with the Mulberry Pink Pearls, drawing out the lighter, peachier aspects to the deeper berry tones to create a dynamic, yet subtly romantic and elegant jewelry designs.





The Swarovski Crystal Rose Peach Shimmer Beads expresses a medium to light toned fusion of softness and intensity delightfully blending rosy pinks with soft peachy-orange hues, creating a refined elegance of warmth and femininity. The Shimmer effect is a softer coating with less intense yellows and blues than the AB coating, allowing more of the Rose Peach color to shine through, creating a subtle and elegant shimmering appearance.




The Swarovski Crystal Rose Peach Shimmer 2X is a brilliant sparkling color showcasing an intense array of peachy pinks with a shimmering iridescent coating on all sides of the bead that is quite exceptional. This light-to-medium tone fuses the softness of pink rose petals with the medium orange tones in a peach, plus adds an intense sparkle that compliments the Mulberry Pink Pearls beautifully. The pinky-purply sparkles pair well with similar berry tones found in the complex colors within the Mulberry Pink Pearl beads, allowing you to create dynamic jewelry designs.




The Swarovski Crystal Rose Beads are a beautiful reflection of a medium toned rose pink color that is a gorgeous compliment to the Mulberry Pink Pearls. The Rosy bead tones bring out the rosy/berry hues in the pearls for similar tone-on-tone jewelry designs. Pair these with lighter or darker aspects to create your own personalized look. Rose is the October birthstone color, a deep and vibrant traditional pink color which is a symbol of grace and elegance.




The Swarovski Crystal Padparadscha Beads conveys a uniquely enchanting color expressing a rich salmon tone that has eloquently united pink and orange together to develop a warmth and beauty all of its own. This graceful color matches the distinguishing berry tones within the Mulberry Pink Pearls perfectly to make elegant DIY jewelry designs.






The Swarovski Crystal Fuchsia Beads are a vivacious raspberry type of color that incorporates the rich tones of Amethyst and Ruby red with the lavish hues of Indian Pink and Rose to create an exquisite one-of-a kind color. This vivid berrylicious color has a little more amethyst infused than the more pinky shades found in Mulberry Pink Pearls, but is still a nice compliment to pair with them to create deeper toned jewelry for the cooler Fall and Winter months.  







The Swarovski Crystal Ruby Beads are a deep, rich red color infused with highlights of fuchsia pinks that soften it to almost a brighter berry color. This exclusive ruby red blend pairs nicely with the Mulberry Pink Pearls, pulling in deeper pink and red berry tones for a very rich and elegant look for your jewelry designs. 



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