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Sprinkle Your Bikini with Sparkles & Shimmer in the Sunshine!

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DIY How to apply Crystals to bathing suite bikini and swimsuite

DIY Swarovski Crystal Embellished Swimsuits

Learn how easy and fun it is to embellish your crocheted swimsuits and/or bikini's using Swarovski Crystal Flatback Rhinestones. Enhance your bathing suits by adding Swarovski Crystals to them to instantly upgrade your beach style!

This is a perfect summer or Birthday party DIY project for yourself, your friends, your kiddos and/or grand-kids. Create your own personalized swimsuit sprinkled with sparkles, and watch as they shimmer in the sunshine and dance along with you as you enjoy all that summer has to offer!

DIY How to apply Crystals to bathingsuits bikini and swimsuits

Click here to choose your favorite colors from the huge variety available in the Swarovski Crystal Hot Fix Flatback Rhinestones.

Swarovski Crystal Color Chart

Swarovski Crystal Color Chart

Swarovski Crystals Used in this DIY Project Include the Following Colors:

Swarovski Crystal Flat Back Rhinestones Aquamarine

Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs 2078-16ss Aquamarine Hotfix (26 pieces)

Swarovski Crystal Black Diamond Flatback Rhinestones

Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs 2078-16ss Black Diamond Hotfix (26 pieces)

Swarovski Crystal Rose Peach

Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs 2078-16ss Rose Peach Hotfix (26 pieces)


Swarovski Crystal Flat Backs 2078-16ss Yellow Opal Hotfix (26 pieces)


1x Bikini, white



Transfer film


Or you can use a Bejeweler Pro Hot Fix Tool to apply the stones


Use the BeJeweler Pro Elecrtric Rhinestone Setter for Many Applications

DIY How to apply Crystals to bathingsuits bikini and swimsuits free instructions

DIY summer project how to apply Crystals to bathingsuits bikini and swimsuits free instructions

DIY summer designs how to apply Crystals to bathingsuits bikini and swimsuits free instructions

Instructions on Applying the Swarovski Crystals to your Bikini 

STEP 1: Place Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix style 2078 onto the bikini. Place a transfer film on top of the Swarovski Crystals and iron the transfer film to adhere the crystals onto the bikini. Gently pull the transfer film back. If any of the crystals do not stick, replace transfer film and iron once more.


If you are applying Swarovski Crystals to bathing suits that are not breathable, then it is best to use the Non Hot Fix Flatback Rhinestones and use the E6000 glue. The Crystal Katana is a fabulous tool that will pick up the Crystal Rhinestones and place them exactly where you want them. It's a dream tool and will make your life and Flatback projects soooooo much easier!

Hope you have fun enhancing your bathing suits this summer!

Now it's time to lose the phone, hit the beach, and chill!!


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Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!

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