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Create Spectacular Wearable Art With Swarovski Crystals

Since its company opened in the late 19th century, Swarovski has taken center stage when it comes to enjoying a reputation for fine quality crystals. Today, Rainbows of Light is proud to offer Swarovski Crystal (Crystals), a collection of Swarovski Crystals that are perfectly sized for use by jewelry makers, clothing designers, fashion creators and artistic do-it-yourselfers. No matter what kind of Swarovski Crystals you want, you’ll find them here at our site.

Affordable Swarovski Crystals in Bulk

When you want to create more than one piece of jewelry, or you prefer to have a large selection of Swarovski crystals to choose from, simply buy our Swarovski crystals in bulk. This allows you to always have the crystal Swarovski you want on-hand. Plus, you’ll save by buying Swarovski wholesale from Rainbows of Light. For almost 40 years, we have focused on bringing you incredibly affordable wholesale Swarovski Crystals. And with convenient online shopping options and free shipping for orders of $100 or greater, there’s no doubt that buying from us is efficient and economical.

Dazzling Swarovski Crystals in the Sizes You Want

Do you have a particular type of necklace you want to make? Is there a certain size or shape of Swarovski Crystal that you’re looking for? Browse through thousands of different types of Swarovski Crystals in bulk at Rainbows of Light and find exactly what you need. Swarovski makes so many types of crystals that it’s easy to pinpoint the right one for your next project. No matter what size or shape of Swarovski Crystals you buy, you can rest assured knowing you’re getting tremendous quality and breathtaking shine.

Looking for Swarovski Crystals in Colors?

Swarovski utilizes a special process to treat its crystals so they reflect light in a specific way. This enables Swarovski Crystals to take on particular colors. These colors are striking in every way, and thanks to the extraordinary Swarovski standards and quality control, all colors are true.  There are hardly any variations, which appeals to designers who are seeking crystals with distinctive colors and coatings. 

Swarovski has stood the test of time for a reason — when you buy Swarovski Crystal products from Rainbows of Light, you are guaranteed that the effect will remain consistent.  Years of wear cannot detract from a true Swarovski crystal!

Where Will Your Swarovski Crystals Take You?

We know that Swarovski crystals can have an inspirational effect on your innovation, so allow yourself to be motivated by these precision-crafted items. Feel free to share your Swarovski Crystal designs with us on our Facebook page. We love to see what our customers create!