July Birthstone Ruby Crystal Beads & Pearl Color Inspiration

Ruby is the Exquisite Birthstone Color for July, with its array of deep to medium raspberry red tones  with a long history of representing love, health and wisdom.

Swarovski crystal Birthstone Color for July is Ruby highlighted here in the middle along with a variety of complimentary red crystal beads and Pearls.


 Swarovski crystal Beads & Pearl Color Inspiration for July's Birthstone Color Ruby

Middle Beads - Ruby  

Upper Right Beads - Scarlet

Lower Right Beads - Siam 

Lower Center Beads - Burgundy

Lower Left Beads - Ruby AB

Upper Left Beads - Light Siam

Top Pearls - Rouge

Bottom Pearls - Bordeaux

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In the Orient, rubies were once believed to contain the spark of life –

“a deep drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth,” 


Ruby Satin & Siam Satin On Sale Now

swarovski-crystal-5328-xilion-bicone-beads-ruby-satin.jpg    swarovski-5328-xilion-bicone-bead-siam-satin-sale.jpg

Ruby Necklace Design & Instructions


 Ruby is an emotionally charged color representing strong feelings and a passionate nature. It has the ability to stimulate your senses, energize your confidence, and invoke  tenacious ambition balanced with dignified action.