Create These “Groovy Skulls” Earrings ~ DIY Design and Instructions!

Posted by Harmony Reilly on 24th Oct 2016


Free DIY "Groovy Skulls" Earring Design and Instructions

It’s Halloween time, so dress for divine darkness with the mysterious Swarovski Sparkling Skulls earrings. This charismatic combination of Crystal Pearls and Crystal Skull Beads in Crystal Silver Night 2X will make you the belle of the monster ball!

These easy to make Swarovski Crystal Skull and Pearl Hoop earrings are a fun design to create and wear, especially around this spooky time of year! This DIY earring design and project combines many deep Black, Hematite and Iridescent coatings that perfectly represent the Halloween mood. The front and center Swarovski Crystal Skull Bead captivates your attention, that emphasizes high precision faceting in a 3D look, creating detailed drama and mystery.

Although these Skull earrings are ideal for celebrating Halloween, they also pair well with the edgy jewelry fashion trend, accentuating a dark, rock glam style!

See the Step by Step Directions below in picture and written form.


Swarovski Crystal Beads & Pearls Used to Make these Skull Earrings

Swarovski Crystal Skull Beads 5750-13mm Crystal Silver Night 2X - 2 pieces

(or choose from your favorite colored Skull Beads)

Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-3mm Dark Grey Pearl - 6 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-3mm Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl - 4 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-3mm Mystic Black Pearl - 16 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-4mm Dark Grey Pearl - 10 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-4mm Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl - 6 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-4mm Mystic Black Pearl - 34 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-5mm Dark Grey Pearl - 4 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-5mm Mystic Black Pearl - 4 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-6mm Crystal Iridescent Purple Pearl - 2 pieces

Swarovski Crystal Pearls 5810-6mm Mystic Black Pearl - 4 pieces


2 Silver Ear posts

2 , 4mm Silver Jump rings

Two part adhesive glue

Wire silver, 0.8 mm, 60 cm


Drinking glass,

6 cm Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers


Side cutter







STEP 1: Cut a 60 cm long wire and make a loop at one of the ends of the wire. Form the wire into a circle shape using a drinking glass that is approximately 6cm.

STEP 2: Turn the loop formed on the wire to a 90˚ angle. Start inserting the Swarovski crystals from the material list onto the wire. After you insert the Swarovski Bead art. 5750 Crystal Silver Night 2x, place some glue underneath the bead using a toothpick and let it dry for 2 hours. Proceed with the remaining Swarovski crystals as shown.

STEP 3: Insert the other end of the wire through the loop and turn a loop on this end as well.

STEP 4: Attach the ear post to the top loop of the earring using a 4 mm jump ring. Repeat steps 1–4 to make the second earring.



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