2 DIY Tips You Need to Know When Embellishing Your Winter Hat with Swarovski Crystals!

Posted by Harmony Reilly on 23rd Jan 2017


Free DIY Design on Embellishing Your Winter Hat with Swarovski Crystals 

For those of you enjoy winter outdoor adventures, this cozy Après Ski hat DIY design inspiration is chic as well as warm. Simply glue or sew Swarovski Crystal Pearls and Flat Back Hotfix Rhinestones around the turn-up, and you’ll sparkle on the slopes!

It doesn’t matter whether you ski (or snowboard) like an Olympian, flop around like a snow bunny, or stick strictly to “meet me by the fire” for fun social encounters, you’ll still need to defrost with cozy knits that are chic and practical.

Winter pom-pom hats are very popular these days to keep your head warm and cozy. It's a whole lot more fun to wear things that have your own personalized style infused in them. Put your fashion stamp on your winter hat by sprinkling it with Swarovski Crystals to stand out from the crowd.


This DIY fashion design is easy as pie to make...easier than making pie, really. Swarovski makes Flatback Crystals that have glue that has been pre-applied to the back for easy application. These Flatback Crystals are called Hot Fix Stones. Simply create a design by placing the Hot Fix Crystals where you want them and apply your heated Bejeweler Pro Hot Fix Tool directly on top of the stones for a minute. Simple as that!

2 Handy Application Tips: 

1. Don't Get Stuck Doing This - Place a piece of cardboard underneath the the portion of the fabric where the Crystals will be glued to. This way you don't glue both sides of the hat together :-)

2.  Don't Ruin Your Fabric - The Bejewler Pro Hot Fix Tool has different interchangeable size tips for the various size Flatbacks. Use a one size smaller tip than the Flatback Stone itself, this way you won't burn the edges of your fabric. (you probably won't burn the fabric, but I always like to let people know about this encase they are using the Bejewler Pro Hot Fix tool on nice or sensitive fabric such as a wedding dress).


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