DIY Made Simple ~ Learn How Easy It Is To Crystallize This Gorgeous Marble Cocktail Ring!

Posted by Harmony Reilly on 14th Sep 2016


Free DIY Sparkling Marble Ring Design and Instructions

Celebrate the raw and earthy splendor of fall’s jewelry designs with timeless pieces that have meaning, as well as natural beauty. The “Sparkling Marble” ring is a modern heirloom—all you need is modeling clay and crystals. Easy!

This on trend style of cocktail ring embellished with Swarovski Crystals is oh so fashionable! You can create this crystallized look around any type of natural stone or gemstone. Gemstone jewelry is very stylish and adding touches of Swarovski crystals to them, elevates your designs in a brilliant way! Get creative and set crystals around any type of jewelry, whether is necklaces, bracelets, or earrings. Working with Ceralun, which is Swarovski's ceramic epoxy clay specifically designed to set Swarovski Crystals, is very easy and fun to use, leaving your DIY designs looking professional and beautiful!

SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS Used in this jewelry design:

Swarovski Crystal 1028-8pp Crystal (Foiled) Round Stones (pointed back) 170 Pieces

Ceralun in Walnut Color


1 Marbled gemstone, brown (or any color you like)

1 Ring with disc, rose gold color

Tweezers, or a Crystal Katana

Weighing Scale





STEP 1: Follow the Swarovski Ceralun instructions to prepare the Ceralun. Glue the gemstone with Ceralun onto the disc of ring.

STEP 2: Apply Ceralun at the edge of gemstone and place Swarovski Round Stones 1028 PP8 around the edge using tweezers or a Crystal Katana.

Hope you're inspired to make this design and hope it gets your creative juices flowing to add sparkling touches to other jewelry designs!


Harmony and Kashi

Keep Smiling & Keep Shining!